Business Management

Business Management

According to recent studies, companies that employ consultants out-perform by more than 20 per cent those businesses that never use outside help. Whether this is due to the consultants’ help and advice or the open-mindedness and progressive action of the business directors is not clear!

EMC pioneered the concept of the ‘mobile boardroom’ with experts covering all the commercial areas – strategy, finance, accounting systems, strategic IT management, sales, marketing, property and facilities management, production, and business growth – as well as general management, non-executive directorship and chairman roles.

Our interim managers operate on a part-time or project basis and represent a totally flexible and cost-effective solution to almost any temporary senior management employment problem. They give smaller companies access to a wide range of management skills and expertise without the need for full-time employment. They also provide owner/managers with a reliable, independent sounding board.

Business Management Services

These are some of the reasons clients use our interim management service:

Our interim managers offer clients major benefits. These include:

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