Specialist Teams

EMC has four teams that are able to offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in specific market sectors. These are:

Technology Team

Technology, in the form of Information and Communications Technology, is providing golden opportunities for companies to rethink their operations and utilise the latest innovations to increase productivity and boost growth. Those who do not address this issue run the very real risk of becoming sidelined by nimbler competitors or new entrants. EMC’s specialists cover the strategic aspects of technology implementation (i.e. tying technology strategy to business strategy), as well as the nuts-and-bolts of implementing IT systems.

Property & Construction Team

The Property & Construction Team provides assistance to clients who are looking to acquire new properties, redevelop existing ones, or to provide business support to companies within the construction industry. Our team members have extensive experience of working directly for clients and for contractors as part of the building procurement/redevelopment process as well as working within the construction companies themselves. This enables us to provide a unique perspective on any property-related project and can be particularly valuable to one-off lay clients who seek the comfort and security provided by an experienced Trusted Advisor. Similarly, by working closely with our colleagues within EMC, we are able to seek the funding needed to make these projects happen. Working within construction businesses we are able to assist with the production of business plans/strategy, increase sales/profitability, improve cash flow, increase the number of tenders won, and a whole lot more.

Print, Marketing & Creative Services Team

Each of our Print, Marketing & Creative Services team members has vast experience of working at a very senior level in or with publishing, new media and marketing services companies. Their combined expertise embraces operational, financial and strategic disciplines, enabling them to bring real added value to companies involved in publishing, design & print, PR & advertising, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), digital & direct marketing, website development and so on.

Food & Drink Team

The Food & Drink Industry continues to experience significant change and consequent opportunity as trends around health and nutrition and consumer habits evolve.

The EMC Food and Drink team believe this represents an ideal time for new young innovative business to develop and launch exciting new concepts which meet the needs and aspirations of today’s consumer.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how EMC can help you maximise your success and assist you in achieving your commercial objectives.

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