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Equity Funding / Angels

Whether you are a start-up looking to grow, an SME looking to partner with an active investor or an experienced owner-manager looking for equity release, equity funding may be of interest to you.

The idea of giving up a stake in a business is a daunting prospect for business owners and it’s essential you get the advice you need. We all know that 70% of a big pie can often be worth more than 100% of a small pie but selling a stake to the wrong party or the wrong terms can kill your company.

EMC maintains strong relationships with the whole range of Private Equity sources, from local business funding networks, to big corporate PE funds. Understanding your investor’s needs is an integral part of structuring the deal and maximising your value.

Differing investment terms are offered and expected by these different entities. Usually a Private Equity firm will look to receive around 2-3x their investment over a three to five-year period. In 2014 Mobeus Private Equity realised seven of their portfolio companies which represented an average of 3.0x money multiple of cost.

In contrast to this approach, Serial Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) investors look for 'small and often' opportunities with the hope that one in ten will become a winner.

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