Operational Deal Services

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Operational Deal Services

Management are pivotal to the success of any business and rarely more so than in a Private Equity-backed company.

Making sure that the reasons for doing a deal are solid is critical. The best deal can be the one that is not completed and the worst where the plans are not executed. So careful planning and execution are vital to delivering a successful outcome.

Once the ink has dried on the paper, the deal is done and the accountants and lawyers have left the room, the real work begins. Operational Deal Services draws on EMC’s 30 years of successfully assisting companies in planning and executing acquisitions and disposals.

Our specialist deal team focuses on the practical operational specifics of a deal rather than its transactional elements.  The Team supports individuals, corporates and private equity clients to help identify and then achieve their deal goals.

Focusing on the whole deal cycle, EMC’s Team will work with you to understand and identify the key value drivers of a transaction, and then assist or lead the pre- or post-deal process allowing management to maintain focus on the ongoing business.

Areas covered include:

The team brings EMC’s services full circle, either leading or complementing management in their planning and execution of a deal, and covers:


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