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Zoom picture: Jourdan Younis (Alpin), Michael Gibbs (EMC), Terry Rainback (EMC) & James Hardy (Acuity Law)
15th Sep

EMC Corporate Finance has acted as Lead Advisers to the shareholders of United Arab Emirates-based Alpin on its sale to Setec Group, one of France’s largest engineering companies.

Alpin director Jourdan Younis said “I knew that finding the right partner for the company would involve a global search to achieve the best match.  I wanted us to be in the best possible shape going into a deal and I needed to engage a professional team to help the leadership team, which is where EMC came in. I had seen them work on other transactions in my sector and was impressed.”

Terry Rainback, who led the deal for EMC, said “We began working with Jourdan in 2018. Our paths originally crossed in 2017 when we considered Alpin as a target buyer for another client.  Working with Jourdan and his team, getting to know the business and culture all helped towards achieving a great outcome for all concerned.”

Michael Gibbs added “the intricacies of dealing with multiple international parties, along with different International Accounting Standards and legal principles during the process demonstrated the need to have a strong control of and input into the process – something that EMC continually excels at. It was great to work with Alpin and Setec Group to get this over the line” 

Jourdan, who remains with the business concluded “I am delighted with the outcome. Setec is a great business that shares Alpin’s culture and ambition, both of which were important to me in achieving a deal. EMC has supported me on our journey, demonstrating their experience and international capabilities and their hands-on leadership and transaction skills. Even when completion of the deal became protracted due to the impact of COVID, I knew that EMC had my back and were always there for me. Terry was able to be relied upon as a trusted advisor throughout the process – the leadership team and myself really relied on his and Michael’s support all the way through.”


EMC Corporate Finance – Lead Advisers to Alpin – Terry Rainback and Michael Gibbs

Acuity Law – UK legal team to Alpin – James Hardy, Chiara Howfield and Adam Williams

KARM Legal Consultants – UAE legal team to Alpin.

Dentons – Legal team to Setec Group.

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