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26th Mar

An Operational Guide for Management prepared by the Team at EMC from all available information at midday on the 2nd April 2020. This incorporates all previous information and advice, so businesses have just one point of referral. We don’t apologise for repeating the key points as it is vital that you listen and follow these where applicable.

Whatever else you do, we strongly advise that you immediately contact HMRC to ask for time to pay on taxes (VAT, PAYE, NIC, corporation and income taxes) and on how to furlough employees. At the same time you should contact your bank to ask how they can support you including through the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme. The way both of these work is only slowly unfolding but do not delay and get yourselves in the queue. Whether you need them or not only time will tell and as with the virus swift decisive action is needed.

This short guide captures some of the advice and support given by Government, as well as some practical guidance on running your business in a crisis.

We will seek to inform you with any critical updates as they occur, updating this Operational Guide for Management as necessary.

Should you have any comments, questions or wish to discuss any of the above with us or need help in deciding what to do please contact your usual EMC Consultant or Michael Pay on or +44(0)1273 945 984.

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