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Simon says look overseas for growth

One of the Sussex business people attempting to stimulate export growth in the county has hit out at ‘one-eyed’ companies that refuse to look for new markets overseas.

Simon Partridge, who sits on the steering group of Sussex Enterprise’s International Trade Forum set up to raise the profile of international trade in the county, said: “I am staggered by the number of manufacturing companies with good products who don’t sell abroad.

“It’s no good them moaning about a lack of growth if they don’t explore other markets. There is a lot of help out there.”

Simon, an export sales specialist with business management firm EMC, believes that recent UK figures showing a dip in export sales and a widening of the trade gap, is illustrative of the fact that far too many companies are still not doing enough to open new markets internationally.

“A lot of companies still seem frightened about dipping their toes into overseas waters. But if they go about it sensibly, there is little to lose and an awful lot to gain,” he said.

Simon has vast experience of taking products to new international markets. In the last 20 years he has been involved in opening up markets in 25 countries on four continents for businesses in six different industry sectors.

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