What Our Clients Say Abut Us

Edward Alexander | Operations

We brought John Stevenson of EMC in to help us with a very challenging operational situation involving 1 of our manufacturing businesses that was not performing to the level we required.

John immediately began to work effectively with the management team and following an intensive period working in the business he presented a route map to turnaround its financial performance to the Board. We then asked him to support the business in an ongoing operational and mentoring role until a robust management structure and business processes were put in place. The results have been transformative for the business

As an experienced senior manager, John brings a clear level of objectivity and accountability to a business. Where required he will take control and guide teams to perform in a more effective manner and plays a strong mentoring role in developing the management team.

John helped develop our team and their business processes and left a legacy of a more focused business with clearer KPI's and a route map to financial improvement. The Results achieved meant we were delighted to engage John on a further project with another of our Brands with in the Group

Mark Nevill - Edward Alexander Group CEO

Sussex Local Magazine | Business Support & Strategic Planning.

“It’s been an exciting journey for us and there is never a dull moment when running and growing a small busines. Kris and myself are delighted with what we have achieved so far with our publishing business and working with EMC over the past few years while we have been developing and implementing our strategy for further growth has been invaluable to us as a small management team”.

Jeff Nutbeem - Sussex Local Magazine

Edgars | Business Sale

“I always expected it to be a good experience with EMC given what I have heard and seen in the past but I have to say that the experience exceeded my already high expectations! 

From start to finish the process has been excellent and I cannot emphasise enough how important it was for us to have great people that we could trust in our corner.
The combination of the trust built up over the years of knowing you and the level of care, knowledge and service meant that what could have been a tough year of negotiations and experiences turned out to be a very enjoyable and successful one indeed!
EMC have been brilliant and worth every penny of the fee!”

Ben McGannan — Edgar’s Water 

Corona Corporate Solutions | Business Acquisition

“EMC’s support is invaluable. They’ve been beside us from the outset. Once again they have demonstrated their professionalism and knowledge in getting a deal done.”

James Stephens — Corona Corporate Solutions

First Base Technologies | Business Sale

“We are delighted with the outcome of the process that EMC ran for us. Over the last few months we have got to know Falanx well and there is a great cultural fit between the teams, which was a very important part of the sale to us. Michael Pay is a really talented professional and provided excellent guidance and support throughout the project.”

Peter Wood — First Base Technologies

Timely Management Limited | Business Sale

“I am delighted with the outcome. There is a great cultural fit between the teams along with our view on where our industry is headed and how we can be at the forefront of this.”

He added: “We simply could not have got here without the help, support and advice of EMC. They have been with us every step of the way through what was, at times, a daunting process, and we are delighted with the outcome. Michael’s experience of transactions and knowledge of the travel sector shone through throughout the process.”

John Burroughes — Timely Management Limited

Plant Movements | MBO & Business Sale

“Dear Nik [Askaroff]. Please accept this bottle of Champagne as a gesture of my gratitude for all you did for me whilst at Plant Movements. The significance of the vintage is that it is the year you did the deal on our MBO – the 16th of August 2002 – two weeks after our resignation. Life changing! But my favourite story to tell is about being turned down by NatWest, then a few days later going back with you to see them again with the exact same business plan to which their response was ‘how much do you want to borrow?!!’ You are the man. Thanks again.”

Peter Walter, former MD — Plant Movements Ltd

Posturite Limited | Transaction Support

“EMC have looked after our acquisitions and share transactions for the last 10 years and we always rely on their commercial logic and sound advice. I cannot ever perceive us doing any transaction without their advice and assistance.”

Ian Fletcher-Price, CEO — Posturite Limited

Viridian Pharma Limited | Business Sale

We would like to thank Michael Pay and his hard-working team at EMC Corporate Finance for all the work they put in to ensure negotiations stayed on track and the deal seen through to a successful conclusion.” 

Mike Lanning, Director — Viridian Pharma Limited

Posturite Ltd, WorkRite division | Business and sales lead development strategy

“Chris [White] has worked with us to create a comprehensive strategy that combines his fresh perspective on our business with previous extensive experience. The resulting business development plan is a practical blueprint for how we will generate leads and new revenue for WorkRite through a series of sector-based campaigns. Chris has engaged with the sales team, listening but also providing presentations and training sessions at our meetings. It’s been great to have Chris on the team. ”

Geoff Thompson, Sales Director — Posturite Ltd, Workrite Division

Wightman & Parrish Ltd | Headline review of competitor activity, market trends and W&P’s position.

“Chris [White] was able to provide some helpful, independent analysis which made us think about our approach in the marketplace differently and challenge some of our views and practices. We have already started making changes as a result of his work”

Nicholas Parris, CEO — Wightman & Parrish Ltd

H&B Foods Ltd | Business Sale

“We are grateful to Terry [Rainback] and Nik [Askaroff] for guiding us successfully through a process and transaction made a lot more difficult by the special issues surrounding the Icelandic banks. They handled highly complex negotiations with the major institutions with great skill and dexterity, showing tremendous focus and resolution. Their expertise, experience and attention to detail were instrumental in enabling the deal to be done. H&B is already the UK's biggest cheese distributor and this deal will help us grow further from a much strengthened base.”

Simon Yorke, Sales Director — H&B Foods

Skippers Hill Manor - SALE | Business Sale

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nik [Askaroff] and Gill [Levett] throughout the process of marketing and selling Skippers Hill. Their professionalism and judgement were, at all times, faultless. Gill's contribution to the marketing aspect in particular was invaluable, and she made the process easier in every respect.” 

Maxine Assayag, former owner — Skippers Hill Manor School

Scenic Blue | Business Advice & Sale

“Desmond and EMC have been part of our team for most of our business life, and made a huge contribution to the company’s development. We’ve had our moments along the way, with him trying to curb my wilder entrepreneurial zeal on occasions, but as with the best teams it is important to have that balance.”

Judy Behl — Scenic Blue

Pelham International Ltd | MBO

“We appointed EMC to advise and assist us with a complex MBO of two UK and Hong Kong subsidiaries from a major Listed Japanese company. Nik Askaroff acted and provided a clarity and support that saw the deal through to a successful conclusion. Having an experienced and objective advisor at our side was incredibly invaluable, particularly with the historic relations that we had. His input was tremendous, assisting from the outset to advising on post-completion matters. He is always available to help and his experience and advice assisted us immensely. A job very well done and worth every penny!”

Guy Roberts — Pelham International Ltd

Tatty Bumpkin Ltd | Business management

“As a small business, it was big step to take on an interim manager of Gill Levett's experience, but we fully appreciated that we needed her skillset to progress. From the outset Gill was impressive in the speed with which she picked up the core concepts, issues and solutions for our business - key when looking at an interim solution. Shortly after Gill joined the team we launched our franchise operation, and with Gill's guidance we exceeded our first year target with 12 signed-up franchisees. Gill has a very impressive sales background and uses it to full effect. Although she was employed as a Managing Director she was often on sales calls, and I consider this to be a unique factor as other consultants/MDs would perhaps be less keen to be so hands on. Gill is excellent at closing deals and during her time with us she not only secured the franchisees, but also partnerships with TUI, Canvas, Cotswold and Ecover. Gill's professionalism, focus and dedication would be an asset to any office. She often worked beyond the call of duty and we were sorry to see her go as we entered new phases in our respective developments.”

Sam Petter, Director — Tatty Bumpkin Ltd

Academy Internet Ltd | Business Advice

“Following interviews with several potential advisors, I began working with EMC. Terry Rainback and I worked together to assemble my ideas into a comprehensive business plan that we used to raise the investment and bank funding. Having someone with you who knows their way around the corporate finance world has made an enormous difference and I know Terry’s experience will be invaluable as we implement our growth and development plans.”

Jason Woodford, CEO — Academy Internet Ltd

Pertmaster Ltd | Business Advice & Sale

“We always knew that becoming part of Primavera was a likely option but the actual negotiations were complex as we had five shareholders with different holdings, all of whom, quite rightly, wanted to be involved in the process. Desmond [High] was able to manage each individual’s expectations whilst also driving the best deal for the team as a whole. His hands-on involvement allowed us to remain focused on our business during a challenging few months, and we are delighted with the outcome.”

Sarim Khan, CEO — Pertmaster Ltd

Primavera Systems Inc | Business Acquisition

“Cross-border negotiations are always difficult and it was essential that there were clear lines of communication between the parties. From my point of view the relationship we built with Desmond [High] was critical to the success of the deal. Inevitably there were differences of opinion on some fundamental matters but he represented his client’s best interests professionally and fairly, and we found ways of resolving these differences amicably.”

Mitch Codkind, CFO — Primavera Systems Inc

RDF Group | Interim Management

“Mike [Pay] has excellent financial business acumen and is also great company. He has his finger on the pulse and is commercially savvy in a highly professional way. I worked with him at RDF where he played a key managerial role in some sensitive situations and achieved the required results. I would recommend him to anyone looking to start or grow their business.”

Andrew Pigott, Senior Business Consultant — RDF Group

“Mike [Pay] is an expert in his field, a rare breed of director, financial genius coupled with an outstanding level of business acumen. On a daily basis his extensive business and financial insight was relied upon by our team, helping us shape some excellent engagement models with our clients, business relationships that always had ours and the company's financial interests at heart. Always very comfortable in his role, he would work his way through the most complicated tasks and come out with our business interests protected and quite often enhanced. And fun to work with too, a great laugh. A real asset to any serious business operation, hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.”

Steve Rackley, Senior Business Consultant — RDF Group

Laird Technologies | Interim Management

“Michael [Pay] was an integral part of our European Regional Management team. He provided financial guidance regarding operations and reporting. Michael was detail-oriented and provided support and guidance for daily issues and also an overall perspective to managing working capital and operating cash flow.”

Rosemary Finnegan, VP, Finance Planning and Reporting — Laird Technologies

Axiom Connection Ltd | Business Sale

“The actual negotiation process was complex as we had minority shareholders who had different objectives. Consequently it was essential that we used EMC to manage the entire process as they were able to balance the needs of all shareholders. We understand software but this corporate stuff is completely beyond us and we had total confidence that Desmond High and Terry Rainback would look after our best interests.”

Charles James — Axiom Connection Ltd

Mongoose Cricket Ltd | Business Advice & Sale

“Steve Beaumont went far beyond your typical interim manager. He immediately brought incredible experience and insight into the business at a critical time, yet was always prepared to roll up his sleeves and do whatever the situation demanded. Steve was hugely influential in key management decisions, guiding discussions and providing recommendations rather than taking over from the founders. His innate ability to get people to focus on what matters most and drive the business forward shone through in all his work. Although everything was based on his rock-solid financial acumen, Steve was never limited to it and made huge contributions in the areas of strategy, organisation, sales, marketing and raising investment funds.”

Marcus Codrington Fernandez, Founder — Mongoose Cricket Limited

Genesis Forwarding Group | Business Advice & Sale

“A deal like this, with its trans-continental and tri-lateral complications, needed great skill and experience to negotiate and complete. Nik [Askaroff] and his EMC colleagues have been a huge support to our business over the years and their advice throughout this process has been invaluable.”

Doug Currie, Chief Executive — Genesis Forwarding Group

Skippers Hill Manor - BUY | Business Acquisition

“I found dealing with EMC through my recent acquisition of Skippers Hill Manor School to be incredibly professional. Their guidance and helpful advice was appreciated, as was their intimate knowledge of the sector. EMC provided thorough and clear information to assist me in my acquisition. They are ethical, incisive and add significant value to their clients. I highly recommend them and will certainly use their services again.”

Mark Malley, owner — Skippers Hill Manor School

Skoosh.com | Interim FD

“EMC have provided interim financial director services to Skoosh for more than two years now. Initially we were only hoping to get on top of our daily accounting, but as soon as EMC had cleared that up they assisted us with all areas of finance including budgeting, forecasting and investment. They are hugely professional and now an integral part of our business.”

Dorian Harris, Owner — Skoosh

“A true consultant, Mike [Pay] sports a perma-tan and was saying 'we' and 'us' almost as soon as he'd stepped through the door. But it wasn't long before we realised what an amazing asset Mike is to Skoosh and, having polished our accounts into shiny working order, 'we' now discuss all aspects of the business together. Out of Skoosh Mike can be seen in a crisp white shirt cruising the Mediterranean islands.”

Dorian Harris, Owner — Skoosh

Commercial & Domestic | Finance Advice

“Mike [Pay] was engaged to advise and prescribe financial solutions and ideas during a very difficult trading period coupled with accumulated crown debt. His innovative suggestions and planning undoubtedly saved the company from liquidation and bought us valuable time to plan. I can honestly say that without Mike’s experience and 'thinking outside the box' approach we would not have weathered the economic slump of the last two years. As it is, he has enabled us to not only stabilise the company's position but also almost unbelievably achieve growth. Almost every other piece of financial advice received from other sources revolved around self interest and the 'easiest option'. I wholeheartedly recommend Mike to anyone who needs someone who can 'get things done'. He is also a nice guy to have around.”

Mark Henderson — Commercial & Domestic

MKK Sports Ltd | Operational and sales advice

“Simon [Partridge] came into our business and the impact he had was almost immediate. His willingness to roll up his sleeves and get to grips with the business was an example for all.”

James Kirtley, Director — MKK

Argus Software EMEA | Sales Training

“Julian [Clay] provided a course to the EMEA sales team of ARGUS Software at the beginning of July 2012. We all benefitted tremendously from the session even though our sales experience ranged from 45 days through to 30 years. Julian tailored the course to our business so that the whole team could relate to the session. Afterwards we spent a morning refining our questioning techniques and each of us has since put our new skills to very good practice. Julian is right – you really can lead people to buy! We will be using him again at some point and I would have no hesitation in recommending his training to any other sales organisation.”

Viviane Morris, Head of Sales — ARGUS Software EMEA

Southern Enterprise Alliance | Business Advice

“Andrew [Munro] is incredibly solid and diligent and always has all the detail at his fingertips whilst not losing sight of the ‘big picture’. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew for any FD or associated role. Andrew is the FD that every entrepreneur should have at their side.”

Graham Ball, Director — Southern Enterprise Alliance

Pure360 | Interim CFO

“Andrew [Munro] provided flexible support to the business during a critical period following the SEP acquisition. We worked closely together and I appreciated Andrew’s professional support as well as his personal commitment to the business. Andrew was one of the team and remains a valued contact.”

Stuart Dawson, CEO — Pure360

“Andrew is a cheerful, dedicated and immensely reliable professional who does what it takes to get the job done. Onsite or off he was always prepared to answer questions and support on a same-day basis and he added immense value during his time here.”

Carrie Hutchison, CFO — Pure360

Ifield Park Care Home | Finance raising and advice

“Seeing our plans and dreams for growing the home come to fruition is very exciting. We knew that we would need help to guide us through the financial minefield, so bringing Terry [Rainback] on board when we did proved to be just what we needed to reach a successful conclusion. The financial structure that we have agreed with Barclays and the relationship that has already developed with their specialist team is definitely going to help us through the two year build programme and beyond.”

Jo Stovold, Chief Executive — Ifield Park Care Home

Wightman & Parrish Ltd | Headline review of competitor activity, market trends and W&P’s position

“Chris [White] was able to provide some helpful, independent analysis which made us think about our approach in the marketplace differently and challenge some of our views and practices. We have already started making changes as a result of his work.”

Nicholas Parris, CEO — Wightman & Parrish Ltd

Posturite Ltd | Business development strategy review

“The headline review was actually quite a thorough piece of work examining our business development practices. It really does appear that the devil is in the detail if we are to improve on the growth we have seen. We need to tighten up on a range of processes. Chris White's BD Framework Review was a great way to examine our approach.” – Geoff Thompson, Sales Director, Posturite Ltd

Zoonou Ltd | High level business strategy review

“We have been so busy since we started the business we rarely have time for deep discussions about where we need to be in 2020. Working with Chris [White] gave us that time but in a structured format that meant we could agree solid strategies and actions. Working with Growth Accelerator is a great way to access people like Chris.” – Jonathan Rogers, FD and Strategy Director, Zoonou Ltd

Facilities Software International | Business Sale

“We have been impressed by EMC's ability to work with our business and conclude a complicated transaction whilst allowing our management team to remain focused on our clients.”

Jim Mitchell — Facilities Software International Ltd

Practical Print Solutions Ltd | Business Sale

“As a Scotsman you would expect me to be careful with my money; nor am I easily impressed by professional advisers. In this instance EMC got a top price, particularly in the current climate. I paid regional fee rates and got a top quality service.”

Eddie Campbell, MD — Practical Print Solutions Ltd

Bellville International Ltd | Business Sale

“The support we received from Nik [Askaroff] was excellent. He not only negotiated the deal but was on hand to smooth out any of the bumpy bits that are almost inevitably encountered in a deal of this size and complexity. Having such calm and experienced advisors made the whole exercise a lot less stressful than it might otherwise have been and certainly helped us complete to a tight deadline.”

David Ower, Managing Director — Bellville Rodair Group