Kevin Wheelhouse BSc, FICMA

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Kevin Wheelhouse BSc, FICMA

Kevin is a tough-minded and analytical professional who brings strategic clarity to a business. He has accomplished people skills and a proven ability to raise finance, deliver a growth plan and plot a successful exit.

He bought and grew a market-leading manufacturing business for 10 years before exiting successfully in 2012. During his years as MD, sales quadrupled, a leading competitor was acquired and new markets opened in Europe and North America.

Key skills


With a degree in Law, Accounting and Economics, Kevin’s early career was spent in manufacturing, distribution/service and project management and control. He became CFO for ITT in the UK before moving to Brussels for three years as CFO for ITT Cannon Europe.

He returned to the UK to lead the turnaround of ITT Cannon RF products focusing on business strategy, product development and cost control.

Kevin then spent four years as COO for Europe of a B2B service provider to the retail sector dealing with finance, purchasing, manufacturing and licensing.

He acquired Applied Kilovolts Ltd in 2003 and created a world leader in specialist high voltage power supplies before selling the business to a large US multinational at a strong multiple in 2012.

He lives in West Sussex and in his spare time enjoys running and working out.